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We hope there's something here for your enjoyment and that you'll come to one of our many exciting events.
"Ladies 2000" is a Party! It's a time for women to get together and dance, socialize, meet new people, get together with old friends and make some new ones.
We've been providing our clientele with some of the best times of their lives over these past many years.
YOU are our inspiration and the fun you have makes the events so much of a pleasure for us.
Feel free to send us a note with any ideas or potential new venues for all of us.
Thanks, and stay tuned for more to come.

Dear Ladies,
Thanks for visiting our website.
We know there will be events here that you’ll enjoy and possibly wish to share with your friends.
Ladies 2000 is a party. We have events in various venues throughout the Tri State area.
It’s a time for women to party, dance and socialize with friends and meet new people.
Over the years, we have provided some of the best memories that women have ever had in festive settings.
Through our existence, we have had over 1000 events in over 72 different locations in 7 different states.
We have been honored to be named one of the top ten parties for women by Planet OUT.
We have been inducted into the Legends Of Vinyl Hall of Fame which includes the likes of the The O’Jays, The Tramps, The Love Unlimited Orchestra, MFSB, TSOP, (The Sound of Philadelphia), Linda Clifford, Denise Montana, Gloria Gaynor just to mention a few.
This was quite an honor for us.

As always, YOU make the parties.
Without your encouragement, suggestions, ideas and camaraderie, Ladies would not be the success that it is.
Stroll trough our various pages, enjoy the fabulous photos from over the past 16 years. It’s a stroll down memory lane.
Your smiles and laughter are so energizing to us.
YOU have made us what we are.
Diane and Betty

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We are always open to new ideas and suggestions for new venues and events we can sponsor to enhance our community’s entertainment.

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St Paddy's Day Party
Looking forward to seeing All you lovely Leprechauns at VERA in Cherry Hill, NJ
Doors Open at 3PM
Happy Hour Drink Specials 3-4pm and an Hot dinner buffet
DJ Steve Singer
Admission: $15.00

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